About Us

Four Corners Homes is a local company with a passion for Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and character homes. We have extensive experience in Mount Pleasant, Main Street, Fraser, Cedar Cottage, Commercial Drive, Cambie Corridor and Kitsilano. We specialize in and have completed more duplexes in Mount Pleasant than any other developer or builder in the last decade. Our specialty is small, boutique projects that foster a community spirit and civic pride. We understand and appreciate the character style original homes of our city and do our best to respect them in our new builds, renovations and restoration projects. Whether it is a new build, restoration, renovation, custom home or spec home the team at Four Corners Homes understands that it is more than just building, it’s about people.

Four Corners Homes has facilitated numerous projects as a spec builder and produced a variety of homes which have been sold in the Vancouver market. This gives Four Corners Homes a unique ability to stay on top of market and design trends, budgets and pricing of materials and trades. This in turn keeps our clients better informed and educated about the marketplace. Please visit our Now Selling page to see homes that are currently for sale and underway.


Our in house consulting team works with you to assess your requirements and desires for your new dream home. From here a trusted architect draws up your plans and we manage the construction of your new home every step of the way. From sourcing materials to tracking budgets, Four Corners Homes supports you and your vision every step of the way.
Four Corners Homes works to produce homes with the most efficient floorplans, top quality features, finishes and designs. We keep on top of current trends and work to achieve a living space that suits a variety of lifestyles. Our spec homes pay tribute to the character homes abundant in Vancouver’s many neighbourhoods. Visit our Now Selling page to see what Four Corners Homes has to offer.
Four Corners Homes has built a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to manage your construction project. We work with you from pre-construction through to completion to support and execute your dreams and goals.
Four Corners Homes is available for consulting on your project. Whether you need a second pair of eyes, another opinion, a construction solution or just want to get our two cents before starting your project with us we are available to meet with you in person or on the phone.
Four Corners Homes has a deep respect for the heritage homes of Vancouver. We work to retain the character of these homes while updating the structure and incorporating modern fixtures, appliances and touches.

Sell or Trade Your Property

Four Corners Homes is always looking for land whether it is a single family or duplex zoned lot, or a development site. Four Corners Homes has the ability to purchase your land value property with no commissions and no agent, with flexible terms, short or long closings and even with rent back options. We are flexible and can structure a sale to make it comfortable to you and your needs without the hassle of a listing or an agent. We have our own consultant in-house that can properly evaluate your property quickly and offer you solutions.

Four Corners Homes also has the ability to buy your character or older home and restore, renovate or provide affordable units for the buyer.

Contact us to get started on your new home or to sell your property!

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